Puerto Rico

Quinceanera Cruises to Puerto Rico

With thousands of other young ladies choosing to take a cruise for their quinceanera you are not alone in making the choice. You might not know where to go, however. What about Puerto Rico? Of course a quinceanera cruise will take care of the traditional party and let you have the father/daughter waltz that is just about demanded for your Fifteens. Who would ever want to skip wearing a lavish dress and making a grand entrance and a waltz with their dad? Instead of a single night to celebrate, a cruise offers you a week of celebrations. A trip to Puerto Rico will be filled with parties, picture opportunities, making new friends, and many fun activities.

As a commonwealth of the United States, Puerto Rico is on a key shipping lane, the Mona Passage. This passage connects to the Panama Canal. The island is mountainous, with a northern coastal plain. Sandy beaches can be found one the west backed by mountains. The surrounding waters are clear and deep, as much as 3,300 meters in the middle of the Mona Passage, and a whopping 28 thousand feet off the northern coast where the Puerto Rico trench is located. Chances are you will port at San Juan. There are other ports though.

Wondering what to do while you are here? You can hit the beach at Dorado or Luquillo. Stop at the clubs in Carolina, visit the raceway at Salinas, or simply take in the many national and state forests that have been set aside here. Another option would be to visit the national historic site in San Juan or take in the Rio Camuy Caverns. If you want to avoid all that there is still loads to do.

You could go horseback riding, surfing, golfing, sunbathing, tennis, Kayaking, scuba diving, windsurfing, parasailing, and more. Hiking in El Yunque really should not be missed if you have even half a day to spend. Another option is a short guided day tour. And no one should leave the island without spending at least one night at Fajardo or Vieques where there are bioluminescent bays. You cah Kayak or hop on a boat tour. Best seen a night with a new moon.

Although Puerto Rico is a US commonwealth, Spanish is the mother tongue. Many people speak some English, but you will be better understood if you attempt to use some Spanish. This makes the islands a perfect stop for celebrating your Fifteens, as the culture will reflect understanding of how special this time of your life is. Do be aware that both Taino and African Kongo words have merged into the Spanish here making the language unique.

Shopping has many outlets here, if that is your addiction. Plaza las Americas is the largest shopping mall in the Caribbean. Here you can find most major US and European retailers, a multi-screen theater, and plenty of eating choices. More designer stores can be found in the Condado area. For factory outlets the Belz Factory Outlets and Puerto Rico Premium Outlets are ideal places to find good quality items as discounts. Local town festivals will usually have local artists selling handcrafts ranging from foods and candies to clothing and home décor. The outlying festivals will have better prices then Old San Juan has. However, if you have no spare time, you can find wooden carvings, musical instruments, lace, pottery, hand woven hammocks, masks, baskets and more at Old San Juan and Puerta de Tierra.

You can find just about any type of food here you desire, from fine Puerto Rican dishes to imported foods from across the globe. Looking for traditional fare, one should check out the traditional town squares. Other dishes are located at the malls. Most Puerto Rican dishes have Plantains and pork as a main filler, and although rice and beans are common, the flavor is unique. Other starchy foods you may encounter are cassava and various tropical tubers. Plantains are usually served fried, fried and mashed, or made into soup. Chicken is a secondary meat. Unlike other Caribbean nations, this one features little seafood because the oceans are not conductive to fishing.

As with any other place you might go, you should remember that being polite and smiling will earn you a warm welcome and a helping hand for just about anything you need. People here are very social and congregate to share news late into the night. Puerto Rico is unique for full pig roastings, which are an all day affair with a party like atmosphere.

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